Oven Thermometer: Must Have Accessory for Chefs

Published: 22nd November 2011
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Cooking food is considered to be an extensive art which is being practiced by millions of housewives daily in the kitchen. Every day you try to prepare some or the other delicious and succulent dish to serve your loved ones with nutritious palate. But what if sometimes the dish prepared remains undercooked or lacks the desired taste, as the one you had made earlier. What you can do to overcome this problem? How you can ensure to bring perfection to cooked dish? The answer is quite simple, yes! By making use of oven thermometer!

This is referred to as the unique kitchen accessory that is being used to measure the precise temperature of the oven while preparing food. This particular gadget provides you with the solution of cooking or baking mouth watering delicacies with consistent temperature with FDA recommendations.

Generally, these are categorized into two types the probe and surface. Probe thermometers are mainly used to measure the core temperature merely by inserting a metal probe into the food item. While the Surface thermometer is primarily used for measuring the cooking surface of the food item. Whether you are baking cake or roasting a chicken it proves to be a reliable gadget which may provide you with succulent and tender preparations in no time.

In order to have the precise cooking temperature inside the oven, the proper calibration of the thermometer is very necessary. For that you may undertake following steps:

To have the accurate measurement of the thermometer you have to place it inside the oven particular at the centre place. Now set the oven temperature to 325 degrees and allow this to preheat to the set level of temperature. When it gets heated properly you may open the door of the oven and check the thermometer reading. Repeat the process after five minutes.

In case the thermometer failed to get the desired calibration you may opt for another process and that is take one bucket of crushed ice and add some water to it and stir it properly. After that place the tip of the thermometer inside the container up to two inches and record the measurement that reads 32 degrees. Once you get the prescribed reading it is believed that the thermometer has received the proper calibration.
However, presently many culinary chefs prefer to use the digital cooking thermometer in place of the conventional ones due to its varied usages. It helps them in preparing the sumptuous delicacies with precise cooking temperature.
Although conventional ovens are found to be equipped with built-in thermostats yet many of these fail to provide you the accurate reading while preparing food and this may result into under cooked or burnt food that nobody will like to relish.

Apart from these there are other types of thermometers designed for ovens which wireless in nature which comes with verbally alert function to provide you with accurate cooking experience. These are widely used by people who do not have much time to spend in the kitchen for preparing their favourite delicacies. The only thing they need to undertake is just programmed the oven to the cooking settings required to prepare the desired delicacy.

Thus, the plethora of choices in thermometers meant for cooking food offers you a chance of buying the one of the best thermometer for your kitchen and that too in affordable prices. So, have fun with cooking yummy and delicious delicacies!

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